Hosting Recomendation for ASP.NET/SQL Application - VPS or Dedicated?

Lookign for soem general feedback in terms of what would be best solution for a custom ASP.NEt bookign application.

- Windows IIS Asp.Net 2.0 Framework based custom online booking application.
- SQL Server backend database. (could possibly be a shared server).
- Approx 7000-12000 booking transactions per month. Could double in the next year.
- Need excellent reliability and uptime and backups/recovery processes.

We need a solution that is secure and relaible and not impacted by other users outside of our account.

What are the advantages of a VPS vs Dedicated for such a hostign solution? What would give us the best overall relaibility, price, performance?
I would recommand that you better look at dedicated option. While you can use a shared SQL DB (To save SQL server license costs). This will give you better flexibility, reliability and scalability. Since you expect transactions to go double in one year, it could be earlier also. It is better that you opt for a solid solution now, so you don't have to rush in future.

Princing difference is very little actually, if you see performance and reliability.

Thank You.
VPS would be enough initially for sure, but long term dedicated would be best, IMO. It may be best to start with what is needed long term if they are willing to budget for that.