How can restore my emails from inaccessible .pst file?

Discussion in 'Email Support' started by Adonis Mark, Aug 30, 2013.


How can restore my emails from inaccessible .pst file?

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  1. Adonis Mark

    Adonis Mark Guppy

    It removed quite a bit of searching, but I finally found the answer to my problem in this thread:

    My issue was over the past few hours, lost all my emails or .pst files from MS Outlook please resolved the problem?
  2. SachinK

    SachinK Perch

    Well you need to first check, whether you've checked the option "Keep a copy on server" in the outlook for the email which you've configured. If it is checked that means mails copy are available on the server and you can re-configure the email account and then click on "Send/Receive mails" and you'll get the emails again in the outlook.

    However, if the mails are downloaded permanently via outlook and .pst files are inaccessible which may be due to some corruption then you'll have to do some repair on the inbox to fix this issue. You can check the below link where you can get some tips from Microsoft to repair the outlook data files.

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