How to activate Webalizer


When I click the link for webalizer in Hsphere it pops up a page that says....

This is the default page.
Over one hour instead of this page you will see your website statistic generated by Webalizer.

Is there something I need to do to make this work/update. Hsphere says the service(??) is on but I continue to get this page.
Webalizer is active for Also you have not added any file or domain yet, therefore you do not see any stats.

Please send support questions at [email protected].
Wait for an hour, your stats would appear by then. The server generates its statistics every 60 minutes.
yendel is not my account...

I have added a page and have accessed it with my browser at least once...but it hasn't updated.

I have waited many hours since accessing the home page. that is why I thought something was wrong because webalizer is not updating but it is active for the domain.
No, it takes 1 hours from the time you turn on Webalizer, not the time you upload/access your page
that is what I thought but it was enabled when I opened the account.

I cannot enable something that is already enabled. this is why I am seems very strange that it is not working.

I guess I could try disabling it and re-enabling it to see if that works.