httperrors feature is disabled

Why is the feature for httperrors in web.config disabled? It is supposed to be very useful for greater control on the error processing. HSphere error redirection is limited and has problems in Integrated Pipeline mode.
They are not disabled, they are delegated to the web.config read/write, that means you have full control over them.
This was checked, and verified by me personally before you had a reply on the matter.
Perhaps, you tested on some other server. On my server, the root locks it. Please see #LSU-74714-133. I spent lot of time on this last week. It needs to be fixed at admin level.

It was on your server :)

The issue is when changing modes it sets back to Read only we've got it set again now.

Today again, it's back to classic mode. I didn't do anything. This is very frustrating. Does it change whenever I change code in web.conifg? Please sort out this issue on a priority basis as I have wasted lot of time on this. I want httperrors control in web.config in Integrated mode and I want it to stay that way. I will watch my test web site (given in the above ticket) for a few days before changing over other web sites to the new scheme.

BTW, I could do this on another company's shared Windows web hosting without any problems. The difference is that they have a Plesk control panel and that seems to be better at controlling httperrors and much more flexible where I need minimum support. Any chance of you going the Plesk way? May be you will reduce your support efforts too.

As we have session of this server now, please contact us on Live Chat and make the changes in web.config file so that we can check the issue which you have mention in ticket.

We have offered plesk hosting on VPS for many years now and shared over 1 year as well. We are running on Plesk 11.5 with shared hosting optional, offerings for it on our main site at