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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by AndyLL, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. AndyLL

    AndyLL Perch

    I've decided to byte the bullet and move my 2 Virtuozzo VPSs to a single Hyper-V vps.

    I do have a question.

    I only want the OS-Level support plan ongoing but would like to have IIS and WebsitePanel setup for me.

    Should I signup for the stack-level and cancel after the 1st month or can you just charge me a fee for setting them up?

  2. AndyLL

    AndyLL Perch

    I see on the signup page that I can pay for the websitepanel install.

    Is IIS always installed?
  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    1. We can do it either way, one month, or paid setup.

    IIS is always installed as we have it enabled on the template at start.

    Due to your issues here in Virutozzo we'll make sure we have you covered on the setups for all the options :)

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