iFrame over flash files



Hi friends,

Let me tell you the scenario. I have a document containing a flash object in it. I basiacally want to display an iframe window over the flash presentation. I tried doing that and i noticed that the iframe window goes behind the flash presentation and thus not seen on the page. Since the flash document is not in my control, I would like to know is there any way to present my iframe window over the flash presentation? Is there any property to be set for the ifame window so that it gets visible over the flash file? Please throw some light .......This is a bit urgent.

Thanks in advance
well, I don't know if it'll work for those particular items, but you could try using css "z index" properties on those. Give the iframe a higher z index priority, and the flash object a lower one.
Have you attempted placing the iframe in DIV layer with a z-index over the flash, which you could also place in a div layer and assign a z-index. Give the iframe div a z-index of 2, and the flash a z-index of one. That should work. Also, if you would like the iframe to be transparent, I can help you with that.