IFrame problems

Hi folks, i am presently stumped over a target frame HTML command used in IFrames, would appreciate it if anyone of you could help.

I have this asp page that uses an IFrame with the following tag:

iframe src="someasppage.asp?HTML" height="600" width="800" name="main"


and at the same page with links that has a target="main".

Trouble with this is that it keeps doing a _top reload whenever it opens up a page. It should appear in the "main" iframe, but instead it does a target="top" even though i am quite sure i do not have any base targets nor HTML pointing to that.

Anyone has any ideas? It works fine on my own server and this is the first time i have encountered something like this.
Frater L.V.X. said:
Oh wait, i figured it out already. Iframe name tags require a "#" just infront of the name as in target="#main". or it does a _top behaviour.

Thanks for the reply patrick.
Nope actually. It doesn't require any special characters, I just replied you (to inbox) with the solution I think :)