IIS Configuration issue

Please let someone senior handle this ticket. IMV-34572-589

I have a problem displaying DevExpress grid properly on a web site. I have given all the details on what configuration problem in IIS is related to this. Yet, I have to explain the problem again and it wastes time. Support people should read all the details and if they can't understand the whole thing, they should promptly consult the seniors instead of replying without understanding an issue. This wastes lot of time.

Please look at the details I sent and change the AXD configuration for my web site. This will fix the problem. The problem is related to AXD loading (see the title of that article link I sent).

Please send escalation requests via helpline AT jodohost.com

I am not trying to be a pain, but I want all to know the proper course, it is much faster than forums and a DIRECT channel to managers in cases you feel it is needed.
I'm glad that this is possible but the question is, how do we know such an option is available? Isn't it better to include this information in the footnote of the regular support replies?

We have repeatedly said it here on the forums, on other forums etc, no don't think it should be on footer of every ticket, but it is available.

and your issue is solved moving you to integrated mode do your custom web.config works, that is all it took.
Thanks. I have some other problems in Integrated mode so I will need to check and report them separately. I would have preferred the solution of switching off that option for axd in IIS itself.
Integrated mode will long term be better for you, just make a copy of your web.config before any edit then edit your web.config as you need.