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Discussion in 'Email Support' started by microweb, Feb 1, 2011.

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    We are having a lot of black list issues as of late. I have spent hours tracking and trying to take care of these issues and need to figure out what options are available for mail servers. It has reached the point that it is crippling some on our clients.

    We currently have a reseller account on shared hosting.

    If we switch to VPS hosting for all of our accounts, will all of our accounts still be on shared mail servers?

    If we switch a domain to a dedicated IP address, will their mail server also have a dedicated IP address or will that still be shared?

    Do Linux and Windows accounts share mail servers? If not, are the Linux accounts subject to the SPAM injections that we see on the Windows accounts?

    If we move an account from Windows to Linux, is it possible to have all of the mail accounts transferred to the new Linux account or do they need to be recreated. We have to do this for one account that now wants to use Joomla and they have close to 50 mail accounts, many who use webmail and store messages on the server. What is the best option to transfer this information to the new account?
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    Is there still a pending blacklist issue?


    Shared. Dedicated IP is only for website access.

    They share mail servers.

    This may be some effort but:
    1. Download emails for all mailboxes to your local email client(Outlook/Thunderbird,etc).
    2. Delete domain from Windows account.
    3. Add in Linux account.
    4. Recreate mailboxes in Linux account.
    5. Configure these new mailboxes in your local email client (Outlook/Thunderbird,etc), only using IMAP.
    6. Drag and drop emails downloaded in step 1 to inbox of these new mailboxes.

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