Maybe the FIRST site you moved to new DC should have been the Support site?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by zardiw, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Or maybe it did?

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  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    The support site has been moved for weeks Hans.

    We're finalizing the moves all today, there are some increase in issues due to this we are well aware and working to get it resolved ASAP. We've moved one subnet and seen an improvement already, but a lot of traffic still coming in via the Waco side so we're checking things out.
  3. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Well, the support site is one of the slowest sites I've ever seen. It's like it's on Dial up. Been that way for weeks also. Not to mention I have 2 tickets in. One of em hasn't even got a response since 9 oclock this morning.......the other one I responded that all the EMails I'm getting are being marked as SPAM......about 10 hours ago with no resolution.......z[​IMG]
  4. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    How'd you like all your EMails to be turned into Undeliverable Spam messages.....even the ones you send to yourself?

  5. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    OH.....and they tell you they fixed
  6. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Day 2 of NO RESPONSE to Support may as well not even
  7. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    #120/month for a Dedicated Server and NO SUPPORT
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Hans, We do provide support, we have provided many hours of support to you, this is just wrong. Sorry that some issue is taking longer that we'd like to answer, but there is a ton of support provided to you, above and beyond what is supposed to be provided as you don't even have a managed server, but self managed.
  9. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    This is NOT an issue with my Dedicated Server account.

    This pertains to my RESELLER Account and the EMail being received FROM an EMail Address at my Dedicated Server...

    This is not a complicated thing...........and it is New.......probably a result of the DS move.

  10. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    PS. The VAST issues that occurred before, that I needed Support on were from a Managed VPS Linux server that I Had......

    You did not resolve my issues, so I moved the domain to my Dedicated Server, where they are now running fine..........

    Now I have a new issue with EMail being flagged as Spam by you on the Reseller account.

    ALL Spam checking was turned off there, yet the messagas are still being flagged as Spam.

    Here is a sample message..........maybe somebody can tell me what is wrong:

    This EMail was sent from a legitimate account on the Dedicated Server
    It was sent TO an EMail account on a domain on my Reseller account

    Spam detection software, running on the system "", has
    identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message
    has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn't spam) or label
    similar future email. If you have any questions, see
    the administrator of that system for details.

    Content preview: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Content analysis details: (10.2 points, 5.0 required)

    pts rule name description
    ---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
    4.4 HELO_DYNAMIC_IPADDR2 Relay HELO'd using suspicious hostname (IP addr
    4.2 HELO_DYNAMIC_SPLIT_IP Relay HELO'd using suspicious hostname (Split
  11. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    The Bottom Line is this. Mail from an EMail account on my Dedicated server is being interpreted as SPAM on one of my Reseller account's EMail.......

    Even if I send the EMail from WEBMAIL, it still gets interpreted as Spam......

    I've posted the message/content numerous times, but nobody seems to be able to figure out how to fix it.

    Response to Support tickets is Glacial. I almost get quicker response here on the forums.

    Now. You say you have spent hours giving me support.

    I have been programming all my life. I host numerous websites. I know a LOT about all this stuff.........

    SO, when I have a problem it's on YOUR end.

    And I have NO control over you guys fixing it.

    Why does it take Hours/Days?

    Maybe you need better support personell?

    And the support ticket system itself is flawed.

    For one thing it's slow as hell.

    And half the time they don't even read the ticket closely to figure out what the problem is.

    And then it's back and forth back and forth.

    You need some kind of VOICE where we can talk to a tech (who knows what he's doing) to figure out what's wrong.

    You say you have Chat. ........Well, I've never gotten it to work.......Never. And that send us a message is broken as well as you can see from the screenshot above.

    So don't blame me if after hours/days, I lose my shit about stuff that's broken on YOUR END.

    I don't expect anything extra on my Dedicated Server. I can figure it out. But when something isn't working right......that's SUPPOSED to work.......then you can't expect me to be able to fix it...

    Eventually I just get depressed and shut down..........It's way too frustrating............

    PS. This just started happening a few days ago (sigh)......and I've made no changes........
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  12. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Day FOUR and it's still not
  13. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Day FIVE and still screwed up...............Any bets on how many days it will teke them to solve a simple EMail Spam Screwup problem?

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