Mem Leak detector?

Does anyone has a link or 2 to share on programs that can scan thru a .js file for memory leak issues?

It appears that a hefty 100kb++ .js file i am using which is mostly written with function calls are undoubtedly getting bloated whenever it is called in IE. It will just keep building up with each and every session even though it is cached until the machine slows to a crawl.

Closing the browser and starting it up again returns / releases mem usage when i observed it in Windows Task Manager, but it might not a be a long term solution.

Any help would be appreciated.
Hmm, I'm not sure you can find one. No "delete" function in JS, so usually just set every created object to "null", everything else, should be deallocated automatically. Maybe the problem not in your script?
Well, Java and Javascript are not the same. So what is good for Java, will not work for Javascript and vise versa. You either found a bug in Javascipt engine, or have some bugs in your code. You may try VBScript instead, but it's only supported by IE (on client side)