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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by TexasHiking, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. TexasHiking

    TexasHiking Perch

    I have two shared hosting accounts. One with a SQL 2000 database on it and a newer account that has the capacity for SQL 2005 databases. I need to move the contents of that SQL 2000 database to the newer SQL 2005 database. I do know about the option of performing a backup of a database through the web pages like http://mssql6.jodoshared.com/mssql/Backup.aspx but I have had very spotty performance with this and most of the time I can never get the full backup downloaded to my box, never mind the subsequent upload to the new database. As a matter of fact I keep getting "problem loading page" errors just navigating to the above URL right now.

    Is it possible to get a ticket opened up so that you can perform a backup of the database from one account and put it onto the database of another account, both of which are paid for by me? This would probably be lightning fast on the internal network compared to my trying to pull and push all of the data through Texas.

    If so I'd also like to know when the best time is to make this request so that it can be done as quickly as possible (i.e. when are you most staffed and not as typically busy). I can shutdown my websites with a maintenance message, get the database connection strings moved over and then bring them back up as quickly as possible.

    I'd also like to do a dry run of this maneuver beforehand whereby I get the contents moved over and tested against a dev installation to make sure that the real effort later won't have any issues.
  2. akshay

    akshay Administrator Staff Member

    Please open a support ticket with mention all details.
  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I haven't gotten this web UI to backup back online since MSSQL6 went down, will work on it in the afternoon tomorrow.
  4. TexasHiking

    TexasHiking Perch

    The backup and restore worked great. Thanks to your crew for the help. So far testing has gone without a hitch. When I'm ready to perform the official changeover, is there an ideal time to ask that the operation be done again? I'd like to minimize downtime for users.
  5. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We can do it anytime really, get on chat and make sure a windows tech can dedicated 20 minutes to helping you, you may have to wait a while(if they are in another issue/ticket/task), then submit the ticket and work through there with them.
  6. TexasHiking

    TexasHiking Perch

    Thanks Stephen! I'll do that.

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