Migration Questions



I see the migrations are in process, some of my sites are down, and I'm wondering if anything will be required on my end. I may be out of the office early next week and need to plan for any changes.
  • Will I need to update the MSSQL connections, server names, or MS SMS accounts?
  • Are there any other changes required to website code with these changes?
  • Will I need to update IP addresses for any servers?
  • Are any DNS changes required?
  • Will there be any DNS interruptions that could disrupt MX records?
Please advise. Thx!

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I understand the final network migration is in process today. Some of my sites are generating multiple errors with "The operation timed out". Specifically, this is occurring on the sites that share some options with an externally hosted site.

Are there additional IP updates required or will this resolve itself once the migration is complete? Do I need to update a firewall with new public facing Jodo IPs? I am currently using an IP like 173.0.129.xx.

@Stephen can you respond to this thread when you get a moment, so I can determine if I need to make additional changes? If I need new public IPs for Jodo can you PM them to me? Thanks!
Thanks for the reply Stephen! So, do you think the timeouts are caused by the migration? Is there DNS propagation time? If so, when might the issue resolve itself? Thanks!