Moving MSSQL Database from one account to another?

Discussion in 'Database Support' started by dbramley, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. dbramley

    dbramley Guppy

    I setup a Jodohost reseller account and for various reasons no longer require it.

    I have a SQL Database on one of the reseller packages that I would like to transfer to a standard Jodohost package that I have.

    So I took a backup of my MSSQL database from my reseller account and saved the .bak file to my PC.

    I have setup a new database on my shared account and visit this page:

    I enter my details and the .bak file uploads and saves fine but at the point of restoring it fails with the following message: "Failed uploading file. Please try again. "

    Can anyone advise how I can transfer my MSSQL database from my reseller account to my shared hosting account?

  2. arijeetneogi

    arijeetneogi Arijeet

    If your are facing problem with restore from the link

    You can place the .bak (backup) file in your root ftp account and open a ticket with your database details that to be restore. We will restore it for you.

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