MSSQL1 keeps resetting?

Discussion in 'Database Support' started by Shannara, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    My MSSQL1 connection keeps getting forcibly disconnected on a daily basis (it seems). Is MSSQL1 server having network problems?
  2. Manish

    Manish Bass

    No, MSSQL 1 has no Network problem. Please send us a ticket with details. We will check it.
  3. Underdog

    Underdog Perch


    What exactly makes you think that?
    Do you observe that on your site? Or on your connections via enterprise manager?
  4. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    Thanks for the reply :) I tracked it down to a forced timeout with SQL server. I ended up running my own SQL Server install on a box, and referenced that.

    Thanks again :)
  5. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    What do you mean a forced timeout, like after being idle?
  6. Shannara

    Shannara Perch

    I think that may be the case. For instance, I kept getting that forceful disconnect error in my VB app. Even though I had a dummy select statement running every few minutes.

    But for some reason, even if I had that dummy statement run every minute, I get the same error after awhile.

    What I ended up doing, was running SQL on a dedicated, had the VB app run against that, and use that dummy statement, and everything is peachy now :)

    This was actually needed as two-fold. Since I share the same SQL server for some forums and the like, I didn't want to fill up my quota here.

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