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Discussion in 'Database Support' started by wrsowner, May 16, 2008.

  1. wrsowner

    wrsowner Guppy


    I've just signed up with JH, and I'm moving a dozen or so hosted client accounts, most of which are data-driven. I have just spent the last 2+ hours with JH support regarding an issue where I am unable to connect to MSSQL2 (a MS SQL 2005 server) using MS SQL Management Studio (created primarily for SQL 2005 client use). The support rep has instructed me to use an alternate client tool to connect to my databases on MSSQL2, and I'm simply not getting a good explanation as to why.

    Can someone please explain why this is setup as it is, and what can be done to correct this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    You need to use EMS SQL Manager 2008 for security purposes it is a requirement. SMS has some issues that display more than is needed and it is locked down.
  3. dman

    dman Perch


    Good to know this for future reference when using MS SQL 2005. Looking at EMS SQL Manager 2008, it is not cheap ($300 +) and the Enterprise Manager in Hsphere is useless. Does the free EMS SQL Manager 2008 Lite for SQL Server work well and provide a good amount of functionality?

    IS there an alternate option? Visual Studio or some other software? Is this normal at all hosts? Seems like a good reason to look at MySQL again...
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Yes the Lite edition works great I have used it for a couple people as an example :)
  5. wrsowner

    wrsowner Guppy

    Stephen: thanks for response and the explanation. While I'm honestly a bit put off by not being able to use SMS, I get the reasoning behind it and appreciate the level of security you guys provide. I will give EMS a shot and see how it goes.

    dman: thanks for the direct links ... EMS lite looks fairly decent, so I'll try that. I looked over the full studio version, and there are some features, like DB Comparer that sound quite useful.

    Who knows ... maybe EMS will be better than SMS (did I say that out loud?!? ;) )!

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