MSSQL8 Appears To Be Down

Discussion in 'Database Support' started by eriklebeau, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. eriklebeau

    eriklebeau Guppy

    I am getting timeout errors from the MSSQL8 server whenever I try to access my site or connect to the database through Management Studio.

    I've tried to submit support tickets, call the helpdesk, and email support directly, and have gotten no response. Is someone looking at this problem?
  2. Pratik

    Pratik SkyWalker Staff Member

    There was a problem about 4 hrs back and we have a post in that regard on the forums as well

    Currently all seems to be good however we are keeping a watch on the server and are planning as well to migrate this to a new node soon.
  3. Pratik

    Pratik SkyWalker Staff Member

    Also if you are using management studio make sure you are using the correct ports to connect to the server and if you have any ticket number just let me know by sending a private message and i will personally look into this.

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