Multiple Control Panels or User Access?


Will Hsphere allow me to allow multiple webmasters in to work on my website using the Hsphere Control Panel?

I understand that I can allow Sub FTP accounts but what about the control panel?

Im wondering if Hsphere will do something 'similar' to how Joomla allows extra users to access certain parts of the site, but I am actually not interested in using Joomla.

If Hsphere cannot do this, are there any other alternatives to accomplish the same thing?


no hsphere will not allow multiple admins per control panel with different access levels for the same domains. I don't really know of a control panel that will. I know plesk will not do this.
No No Stephen, I think you might be miss understanding me, Im not wanting multiple "Admins". Im wanting to provide access to multiple users.

For Example...

Lets say for instance if I run a museum website and I have 3 webmasters that work on the museums website besides myself, and we all contribute our time and experience to developement of the site.

I need a way that I can give each webmaster access to the website without giving them access to my Hsphere webhosting control panel from the OWNERS LEVEL OF ACCESS.

Is there not a way that Hsphere will allow USER ACCESS CONTROL?

I am looking for something that is "Web Based".

I hear Joomla will do this, but I am not interested in using a Content Management System program, such as Joomal, phpnuke, vbportal, and all those others out there.

Are there any options or alternatives? Cant beleive Hsphere doesnt allow this kind of user management, or does it.

What they must be able to do with "USER ACCESS CONTROL"?
For editing pages subFTP is enough, but It looks like you want to offer more?
You can also try out web-based FTP clients(along with sub-ftp) in your cluster (they arent allowed in our network).
Yes Id like to be able to setup user names and passwords for each of them to be able to access the email address area, phpmyadmin, web based ftp, and all the other things that are found in the Hsphere cp, but just short of giving them access to my billing information and other sensitive information.

Is this possible?

no not possible in hsphere or any CP I have seen, but sounds like an interestin idea :)
Why not make a non-billing plan? no info will be revealed or you can fill in whatever you want.
A non billing plan wont work for what I am wanting to do.

I guess we might have to go the route of Joomla for this even though we really dont want to rely on a CMS program to accomplish this.

Hello Psoft are you listening.... This would be a great feature addition to Hsphere.

Psoft wont listen so easily(never if you say on our forums) :)
I'm not sure how Joomla can accomplish this and a non-billing plan cant, anyways you know it better.
Psoft wont listen so easily(never if you say on our forums) :)
I'm not sure how Joomla can accomplish this and a non-billing plan cant, anyways you know it better.

Yes Tanmaya I know that, It was just a comment... Yes Go to :)

As far as Joomal, I havent actually used it yet personally, but I have been told by others that it will allow what i want, but I am not interested in having to install a program, and make sure its up to date and all that stuff.

As far as setting up a "non billing plan" in Hsphere, NO I DONT KNOW IT BETTER! Just that a non billing plan is NOT what I want to do.

Thank you!

I havent used Joomla myself either, but I dont think it will allow DB management like phpMyAdmin, and certainely it wont allow to control mailboxes and other such features specific to CP.