MySQL8 very slow each night

Discussion in 'Database Support' started by Good Oyster, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Good Oyster

    Good Oyster Perch

    I've been noticing that every night around 10:30-11pm EST that my websites using MySQL8 start running extremely slow, and it stays that way until sometime after 2am. It causes a lot of query timeouts on sites using Coldfusion and on forums using PHP. Is there a site or sites eating up all the bandwidth during that time? During the day the sites run fine and have no long delays.
  2. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    I'll ask the team to check it. This may be due to backups.
  3. Good Oyster

    Good Oyster Perch

    I am trying to access one of the sites now at 11:57pm EST, and it is causing the cfquery to time out. It's pretty ridiculous, because the query is not returning a lot of info or having to crunch a bunch of numbers.
  4. Manoj Saini

    Manoj Saini Super Moderator Staff Member

    We are monitoring MySQL8 server continuously since last 3 hours. We can't see any issue on it during this period. Please raise support ticket with the domain name for which you are facing slowness issue. We will investigate the issue and update you back as soon as possible.

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