Name Server


Who will be register my name server, Jodohost (Domain) will register for me or I have to register it?

Because till now my name server not working and test result as below:-

"DNS query for failed: Name server failed"

Thanks, ?(
Well, I'm glad you are happy with your reseller package. If you have any problems, let us know.
I can see your control panel now and all server aliases are pinging :)


We are looking into this.
I try so many times to create Shared SSL for but always get error as below :-

"SSL cannot be added because there are no shared IP tags available"

And as you know, this domain and name server still cannot be ping or traceout.

So hopely you can help me to solve it out.... ;)
to enable shared ssl on you need to buy your own Shared SSL certificate.

You have already turned on shared ssl for m**** which your customers can use.
we fixed the problem for
The IP wasn't properly binded to the server. I urge all resellers to check whether both there name server IPs resolve.
On a related topic. I just resently created an account, how do I access my cp? does not work for me.
Also I cannot ping but I can ping

help will be appreciated. thx. - smartblond