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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by bstinson, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Yeah, I have the same problem. Also sometimes, when I at work and suddenly discover a bug on the site, I cannot just log into FTP and fix it (I don't have VS.NET at work), so have to wait until evening when I come home, or remotely log into my home computer, but it is hard to work remotely.
    Anyway, I still like ASP.NET more than ASP3.0 :)
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    It seems just a bit silly to me that MS needs that src= command. I mean, it already has the CodeBehind= command, which always points to the same file, why not just choose one and stick with it. Also, when it sees a new version, why not compile it at runtime just like the src= command does for you?? This week I will figure all this out at work and make it work well. I know VS.NET will complain but that's okay, as long as I can update little pieces of production pages without having to recompile the whole thing. I'll post my solution here later this week...
  3. StPatrick

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    Waiting for it :) As I'm overloaded at work this week or two (ASP.NET is my hobby not primary work)

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