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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by jechilt, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. jechilt

    jechilt Guppy

    Would you consider adding a new category to the forum for Registrars. This category could be used to cover the gamit of domain registrations/registrar issues/registrar API's and the sort. It would make it a lot easier than searching the forum all the time with regards to domain registrars.
    Interesting enough, I don't see much posting about it. Either everyone has a super solution already or most are hanging by a thread on the issue.
    For starters, it would be cool to see some API integrated registrar sites in action.

    I am new to jodohost and currently making plans to migrate from an already excellent solution to HSphere to allow more time focusing on web development rather than managing servers all day. The only problem is I have to create an all new site that does not already have domain registrations integrated into the CP.
    The integration of domain registrar is a big issue with me and I have talked via live chat a few times with Jodo folks about it. A competitor provides domain registration (at a ridiculous price) but it is integrated into the CP and has branded registration. Hard to beat!
    The customers I have like and prefer that single login to handle all account issues.
    If anyone has scripted a custom account sign-up to include domain registration, it would be cool to see. Is anyone willing to share? Sign-up and domain management scripts would be a tremendous help.
  2. Stephen

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    I'd really like to know how they do hpshere with "branded" registration, it is not a feature of hsphere. It allows us to make domain registrations available to resellers, but it is in no way reseller branded. I in fact it would be branded as us, which we find is not acceptable.
  3. jechilt

    jechilt Guppy

    I had a live chat with them the other day. Let's wait until after Christmas and I will ask them again.

    I do prefer to have domain registration branded with my company. As sad as it makes me, I am going to have to use and API to manage domain names.

    Speaking of domain registrations, I know you guys use directI.
    After directI changed over to resellerclub, I became quite frustrated with the process for domain renewal.
    Now, if I log into my admin account and select a customer, what took less than 5 minutes to do to renew, now takes about 15 minutes due to their "strategy" to sell more product. For cryin-out-loud! I am the reseller...and I know what I want to do....just renew the flippin domain name.
    User experience has been less than favorable since resellerclub came online full bore with their 'supersite'. Because of this, I am looking to change to another provider like openSRS or onlineNIC (onlineNIC has a lot of features lacking in directI.
    My experience over the years with directI is consistent; they are slow to respond and often have slow connectivity issues that result in timeouts. My concern is with their thrust of the "turn-key" solution, they may not be able to keep pace.

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