Odd requirement for ASP and PHP...

Hi, I'm a former reseller who's looking to come back and setting up an account with JodoHost, but I have an odd requirement and I want to check to see if this can be done.

I have a client's website that has some pages that run on ASP. The rest of the pages contain PHP code, but the pages have .html extensions. The site has been running fine with their existing hosting company by forcing their PHP interpreter to process .html files. I want to see if this is possible as well with JodoHost's servers?

(btw, the client does not wish to rename all their .html files to .php, and until we get the OK to convert their ASP pages to PHP, we have to keep their ASP files as well.)

Thank you!
You can add .html to the PHP executable filetypes (under Web Service/PHP in the CP.)
If it's registered there you can't also register it as an SSI extension.