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Discussion in 'Domain Registration' started by AllendeL4S, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. AllendeL4S

    AllendeL4S Perch

    Hi, this request is actually for the JodoHost crew. I apologize for using the forum to get your attention but I tried support already and I'm not getting any help.

    Las week I went to renew one of my domains, I added it to my shopping cart and then I was redirected to paypal for payments. As I followed the process, paid and went back to the JH site I supposed that, like in every other shopping cart, the payment would be applied to my order....I was proven wrong.

    Yesterday I received an email saying that my domain has been deleted and that if I want ti back I had to pay $100, right after that I received another domain saying that the renewal process for my domain had failed.

    I contacted the live chat support immediately to try to fix this issue and the person that happened to be there was totally useless, first he needed my username/password to look into my account! Which you would agree is a huge security breach. I gave it to him because my main concern at that point was just keeping my domain. Once he looked into my account, he just said that the domain was deleted and I had to pay the $100 to have it back. Nothing new to me at that point.
    I emailed the billing team explaining the situation and I got the same answer twice. Nobody even seemed to have taken the time to try to understand my arguments and try to work something for me.
    Just explained that I had to go back again and apply the payment manually to my order. This is completely awkward!! The system should have tied the payment to my order automatically.

    I've been a JH client for so many years! Domains, Shared Accounts and VPS. JH support had been EXCELLENT in the past and I have referred a bunch of people because of that.

    I dont have an idea of why it has gone so poor and I really feel bad for that.

    Please, if someone who cares for JH customers is still around I would really appreciate some help in this matter.

    Thank you!
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    domain support cannot be handled by most people, in fact it is basically handled by the billing dept.
    I cannot access domain controls at all, nor can the staff on chat, which is basically why they'd need your access. Along these lines, the chats are logged securely, and SSL secured, so while it is something we'd like to avoid it is not insecure at all.

    if it has gone to point of expired/deleted I am not sure we can do anything there as we are a bit tied on that as well, but I will make them aware as soon as they are in. If the paypal payment was a transfer, and not an echeck, we may have some level of recourse.

    Did the paypal payment go through, was it by any chance an echeck?
  3. AllendeL4S

    AllendeL4S Perch

    Stephen, I'm your fan!

    The same way I say I'm disappointed with the support I've received I have to say(and not for the first time) that you have been always there for your customers...and for a loooooong time!

    The payment went through just fine, not an e-check, just CC. I did receive an email when it was cleared by the billing department and I took that just as a notification. At that point I felt my domain was secured.

    As I pointed to them, I don not care about the data, I just need to secure the name. Please, if you guys cannot recover it, at least help me to buy it again so I don't loose it.

  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Support should have explained they can't access this, we'll work to get it fixed up. What is the timeframe on this matter? When did you pay, and when did it go expired?

    since I don't have paypal or domain manager access, I am just trying to gather what can be done for passing along. you can send in PM too.
  5. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    i have replied to your email and please reply back.

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