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    I have a pretty simple access database having to do with customers, invoices, stove, repair, and part which are the entities. I have almost finished it and everything is set up the only thing is messing up is my relationships. Can anyone just take a look at it and tell or show me what to fix to make it correct?


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    The relationship between entities depends on what your business requirements are. Let me assume that your Invoice can have many Repair jobs and that in the one repair job you are going to work on 1 or an infinite number of stoves.

    So, if this is correct, then I would move the RepairID into the Stoves table and have one repair to many stoves relationship.

    Also I?m not sure how you are handling stove Parts but they can be completely independent (basically just linked to the invoice table), or you can have relationship between Stoves and Parts tables.

    There is also a possibility to link the Repair job to the Part with having RepairID inside of the Parts table.

    Take all this with reservation because the shape of your database depends on your business requirements, and I?m not familiar with them. :)

    Hope this helps.

    Your Repair table needs InvoiceID instead of CustomerID.

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