Problems on Cluster 1 Web 17

I have opened a trouble ticket for this: #545432

Web17 sites seem to "die" with either 503 error messages or something like:

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


All the other servers on Cluster 1 where I have sites hosted seem fine - I've tested web10, web13, web14, web15, web16, and web18 - the problem seems isolated to web17

Some of the sites on the other servers are AMAZINGLY fast now - it's incredible how much better and how much faster sites load now!!
It really is amazing how fast sites are loading now!

Great job on the new servers and data center!

I think your time offset is wrong, the time stamp on the post should have been 1:33 PM
It's 1:49pm now...
Yes the timestamp is wrong on forums, your issue was resolved after helpline mail.
We've had to do the same fix on a couple more servers now.

I'll work on the forum timestamp issue after the move is 100% complete (VPS now), it is of lower importance right now, but still important. That and finding out why the anti-spam protection is so downright terrible now. The server clock and forum timezone settings are all good, but many times stamps are showing 'in the future' and won't even allow a followup post. Like yesterday I tried to reply this and got an error, so just now got a moment to write out the reply again.

It's happened on a few of our update threads too.