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Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by Floater, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Floater

    Floater Guppy

    It seems that it is impossible to get an domain registrated since my domain control panel still claims that I own jodohost money, eventhough I payed immediately through paypal (3 days ago).
    After that I have emailed the billing department twice with no answer and raised one ticket regarding the issue (they said that I should contact the billing department and forwarded my original message to the billing). So I am just wondering how hard can it be to get one paypal payment cleared up?
    It seems to me that this a pretty much standard when using jodohost domain registration (happened to me last time too).
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Billing does not typically answer on the weekends. If you can give me a ticket number I will attempt to get this resolved with billing (I am not biling and can't do it myself, but I can help)
  3. Floater

    Floater Guppy

    Here is the ticket number 48570.
    I have no problem that the billing department have their weekends off, but I sort of expect some kind of response in certain timeframe.
  4. Floater

    Floater Guppy

    Thanks for the try Stephen though it seems it didn't do much good, 5 days and counting isn't exactly fast service IMHO.
  5. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    Your domain is registered now.

    When you pay through paypal, your amount is added to you Domain Account and order is executed automatically. In your case, amount did not get added. Someone in Billing had to investigate what went wrong and check with Directi. After your payment was traced, the amount was to add manually to your domain account. Also someone in Billing was required to execute your order manually.

    This kind of error do not happen very often. In last 8 months we have seen 4 such problems. Therefore it is important for you to check whether your payment got credited to your domain control panel or not. If not, your order will not execute.
  6. Floater

    Floater Guppy

    Actually this was the second time happening to me, maybe I am cursed :D
    Anyway thanks for clearing this up, allthough I hope you invest some more time and money to the billing department. Five days is a long time to wait even in little matters like this and it kind of makes you wonder what would happen if this case would have been an "emergency".
    Maybe you could also add autoresponse when the billing department is unavailable so people wouldn't have to send several requests.
    I think you are doing excellent job in certain areas, but unfortunately things like these kind of nullifies that in certain degree.
    BTW I did checked whether I got credited for the payment or not, otherwise I wouldn't have send you two emails stating that ;)

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