Question for ALL. Prices for resellers...

I need serious help setting the prices for my plans. I have no idea what to charge for what. mostly what to charge for additional usage and etc... some one offer help to me. ?(
If I had any advice, I'd say take a good look around and choose a market you'd like to target (developers, businesses, etc.) and set your prices according to the competition in that segment

You have great software at your disposal - cold fusion mx, sql server, etc. You can make alot of money if you pursue hosting as a serious business
Yes Yash,

I have looked around at hosting companies and what they offer... including Jodo... but for extras I have no idea what they are worth and what is reasonable to charge. bandwith/mo extra? transfer/mo extra? Mime types... when setting up a plan's prices. I am ok to setup the initial fees, but when a customer goes over the limit or wants to buy extra. I have no idea what to charge...

My plan is to target two groups:

1. Small time webmasters
2. Mid-Large Developers.

For the small time, they need not have all the extras, but I still need to set prices for them in case they want them added.

For the Mid-Large, They need the access to more resources and bandwith/space but extra... Have no idea what it is worth. i would set a price, but I dont know if i will lose out or if it will make me a respectable enough profit. I will take some time to learn more about the features included, but as far as additional costs for these items, even doesnt say how much EVERYTHING is for additional stuff. only the main things.
Yash said:
I'd recommend you price your addons a little higher than what you get with us.

yeah. good idea. thanks.

I have been goin at it ALL day today devoting myself to reading and learning and reading more. i decided I would hate to have the volume of support tickets myself that i create for you alone. so i am leacing you guys alone for now on. at least for things i know i can most likely find in the docs.