Assume you own,, and, and you use as the actual site that has the site content.

What different methods exist for redirecting requests that come to the .net and .org domains to the .com domain (the real site).

I know you could set up .net and .org domains on the host server and establish redirection in control panel.
Or, you could could set up .net and .org domains on the host server and put a simple page in each of those domains to redirect using code (server side with asp, or client side with javascript).
Lastly (the limit of my knowledge), many domain registrars also offer redirection, but not if you go with the cheap plan (cheap, that's me).

So, is there a way to send .net and .org requests to the .com domain without using up a couple more of the domains offered by your web host and without using a more expensive plan at the registrar?
I used to have a "global.asa" (or "global.asax" in ASP.NET) to redirect such requests when session starts. Worked perfectly. Try to do the same maybe?
Yash said:

Thanks Yash. Sounds like the right solution.
But I do have a question regarding email.

The hsphere document states the following regarding setting up aliases:
"check the Configure DNS box if you want a DNS record for this domain alias to be created on this hosting server. In this case you'll be able to create and edit custom DNS records for this domain alias, and Mail Service will be available."

Assuming I set up and create and as aliases, will email sent to [email protected] and [email protected] be automatically redirected to [email protected]?
Or will I need to set up additional mailboxes, and, if so, how?
Yash said:
yes, you can setup [email protected] and [email protected] to forward email to [email protected]. Create them as "Email Forwarders"

I just wanted to post a follow-up, just in case someone else out there knows as little as I did about the power of Domain Aliases.

I set up and loaded my content. Then I created and as domain aliases. When setting up the aliases, I checked both options offered in control panel: Configure DNS, and Setup Mail Resources (not exactly what they say, but you get the idea). The result is that everything works perfectly, including email. No forwarding is required. In fact, I couldn?t find a way to establish forwarding for anything other than mailboxes.

For web stuff, the browser?s location bar will show the url used (.com, .net, or .org). I didn?t want this, so I check in page's script and redirect and requests to corresponding pages. Works perfectly. The best news is that the mail domain aliases work perfectly with no additional configuration. Mail sent to [email protected] goes to [email protected], exactly as I wanted. I wasn?t sure what would happen to mail sent to [email protected] if I didn?t set up a mailbox for [email protected], so I established a catchall mailbox for and it works great.

I hope this helps others who might be as confused/intimidated by this issue as I was. Also, thanks again to Yash for the suggestion to use domain aliases.
PSOFT added a new feature called Mail Domain aliases so that is exactly what you did when you checked "Setup Mail Resources". Before that option wasn't available