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Discussion in 'Email Support' started by regaloscubaonline, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I wonder if it could be possible to configure an emal account to send a name joinded to it's own email address...
    I mean, if I send an email from [email protected] I want when the recipient receives it he/she sees "Email One" (or any other name)...instead of "[email protected]"

    Am I clear?....

    thanks a lot
  2. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    when you see a "friendly name" in a mail client i think it's because it reads info from your contacts list and displays the name...

    is that not correct?
  3. skypanther

    skypanther Exalted Code Master!

    Depending on the mailer script you're using, you might be able to specify addresses in the form:

    <Friendly Name> [email protected]


    "Friendly Name" [email protected]

    Not all mailers will handle that though. The php mail() function, for example, does not. If your mailer script does handle it, then the Friendly Name will show up in the user's email app as the sender.

  4. Thanks a lot. I'm trying to do this in a phpBB forum, so I think it's not possible to do it.
  5. tetranz

    tetranz Perch

    One of the best ways to send email with PHP is by using PHPMailer

    It lets you add a name and do all sorts of things (eg attachments) that the standard mail() function can't do. The name thing seems to work with most clients.


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