reseller or normal?


Good morning,
i actually administer 14 domain names, i would like to know if it is better for me to bill a normal hosting (in this case witch one? It is possible to bill the Gold Plan or the Platinum Plan for 14 domains names or i have to bill the Platinum and what in case the domain number are more than 15) Plan or a Reseller One.
What are the differences between 2 differents plans?
Thanks for your answer.
If you have never used H-Sphere before, I would recommend Gold or Platinum Plan over Reseller Plans. Use any of these accounts for few months, once comfortable with H-Sphere signup for Reseller Plans. After you setup reseller account ask support to move these over to your reseller account. There is no interruption to your sites.

The way H-Sphere Reselling setup, it requires quite a few of steps before you can signup an end-user account, which allows hosting of websites. Reseller Account is basically makes you look like a hosting company, so these steps are required.
Tanxs for the reply.
How about the number of domains?
May i bill, for example, Gold Plan if i need to administer 14 domain names or more?
In Gold Plan, you can have 9 domains, each additional will cost $ 2.00 per month per domain.