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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by MaxusTech, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. MaxusTech

    MaxusTech Guppy


    What type of discount would I get on your packages if I were to resell them?
  2. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    You can make money two ways:

    1. Buy any package and host your client's sites. Generally you will be able to host more than one website without paying us anything extra than the package cost. Also you decide what to charge from your client. You will get one control panel to manage all your client's websites.

    2. If above is not suitable, you can refer your client to us. When your client purchase any of our services, we pay you 5% on it. For more details visit
  3. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Please also read this

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