reselling with hsphere



I have used hsphere for many years and since parallels bought it I have seen some support but I am about to start a new reseller host business and wonder where hsphere is headed. I see jodo still promotes hsphere reseller plans.

Is parallels moving hsphere reseller users to plesk in the near future? Is jodo going to move to plesk for reselling plans?

I ask because I want to signup with a program knowing I won't be in a migration of all my customers in 5 years. I would rather start where parallels and jodo are planning to take hsphere.

Can Jodo provide some incite? I love jodohost and the support. I don't question using jodo as a reseller supplier as I have been one for about 6 years now. But for my new venture let me know.


Parallels just held their annual Summit this year where they presented plans for a new unified hosting product, they are taking a two pronged approach to it by making existing plesk support remote sql and mail servers giving it a quasi 'cluster' approach, this will be in 10.5.

they have a further product that will be a Multiserver Platform that will be fully clustered, but it is still in early stages as they were questioning us about feature sets like should it be able to provision VPS systems etc. they expect an early beta out at some point this year.

At the same time there is a 1 year roadmap for improving Hsphere, and with the Windows 2008 support it will be viable for quite a while now.

there really aren't many options in the multiserver control panel market left these days, and much of what is there is not mature yet, Hsphere is very mature and stable for the most part.

5 years is a long outlook in the hosting market, I am not sure anyone can answer that far out, I know I can't :)