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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by eric06, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. eric06

    eric06 Perch

    Let me know what you guys think.

    I have been trying to find layouts I like for the past yr and I think I found one but I would like to know how it appeals to others. I made the layout myself.

    Let the critiquing begin!?(
  2. Pratik

    Pratik SkyWalker Staff Member

    Nice but has potential to be better, colors are not catchy, i mean to say more appealing. And Image takes time to try to have less number of huge image.

    I like the fonts the best. :)
  3. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Image load times in US are snappy, no wait even........but I agree on colors they at least on LCD look a bit dull, the design is clean and sharp I think colors could stand out a bit more.
  4. eric06

    eric06 Perch

    I went with those colors of green since a lime is not bright green. Plus the yellow logo stands out really well on them.

    It's not a huge image either. It's sliced up into different sections.

    Do you mean to go brighter with the green or not even use green?
  5. timruns

    timruns Perch

    OK, to piggyback on the color issue...

    MORE Content! You page seems empty, but I assume that is becuase the site is new still...

    As you add more content, include some bright photos. Maybe even some thumbnails of your portfolio.

    You could even add another color as an H1/H2.

    I like it on the whole.
  6. eric06

    eric06 Perch

    I have a little less content than most web/graphic design web sites have.

    I do agree I need to incorporate my portfolio into the rest of the site.
  7. eric06

    eric06 Perch

    Do you think the testimonials section on the home page spices things up some?
  8. Ranila

    Ranila Guppy

    Heya ???
    This site is very professional, but you should add menus in the left or right in order to do your site a better.

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