Shared SSL and CP Manager

I bet I can still code circles around them in PASCAL on a Apple 2e or BASIC on an old TRS-80 (if I could only find where I put those 8" Floppies)...

Pascal? You lucky b*****d. 6502 machine coder, me... I didn't even have a computer at the time :)
Great, now I'm having logic board flashbacks.... hours of work with gates (not Gates) to get a LED counter to count up and down...

I have some 5.25" floppies, but 8" predated me a bit :)

My first use for 3.25" floppies was to download minix from a local BBS and use it on my 386. I had some computing devices before the 386, but I didn't really start my break until then.

I was a 6 year old RC car soldering champ. I fixed my RC cars that I abused so badly, among other things. I also had an edutainment system that really was a lot of fun and I learned a lot called a 'socrates' (about the same timeframe as the 386), I still think that system hasn't been rivaled in current consoles as far as pure educational merit.

BTW, not being said to make either of you feel old, I've been in the IT business officially as a business for over 16 years now, as I got a very young start with a great supportive family.
I actually remember saving a crap-load of money to buy my first floppy drive... was getting sick of loading data from cassette tapes. Although, I used to be quite good at copying files from ROM cartridges though to tape with a small piece of tape covering the auto-start pin... [Tandy CoCo's - 'colour computers' - none of that high end Commodore (Vic20/64) stuff for me]

... but of course, I got out doing comp-sci on a full time basis because I hated the calculus in University; now its just a hobby business; logic is still logic no matter what your programming langauge is.

But what you kids seem to be able to do 'naturally' these days still blows my mind. :)
Thanks Stephen, I do suggest that support should be made aware of this though so they stop telling me to create the CSR though the CP. (eventually resolved when I questioned their information)
BTW, it works on linux, but windows it does not, just to be clear.

I will make sure staff makes this distinction. Linux should work without issue for the complete process.