Should I take out another hosting plan?

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by troll, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. troll

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    I have three domain names hosted by Jodohost on one account(Linux value).
    I would like to have a fourth domain name hosted and I can think of three options.

    1. Pay $24 dollars and add an existing domain name onto my current account.
    2. Buy a new Value Linux account. I can then host three domain names for $59.40
    3. Buy hosting with a different provider.

    I don't want to go with option 3 because jodohost has been excellent to date with their service. However, I have the impression that Google doesn't give as much credit to links that originate on the same server. I want to build up my search engine ranking on Google(not through dirty methods but with relevant content). AFAIK, if I have a site hosted on, say, web2 and there is a link to another site I have on web2 then Google doesn't give much importance to this link. (I think it's a measure to stop somebody setting up hundreds of domain names on the same server that link to each other.) If I have a site on Web2 and another one on, say, Web 5 then does this rule apply?

    There's something I'd like to clear up before I consider options 1 and 2. If I get a new Linux value account then I get a MySQL database. If I buy a domain name I can use my existing MySQL database. Going with option 2 however doesn't necessarily offer me any resource benefits as I am sharing the database server with other users and it is the amount of requests to the database server at any one time that is the critical factor? Is there a guaranteed speed benefit with buying a new hosting plan?

    I know, this post is far too long. I appreciate your time though. :)
  2. xscott

    xscott Perch

    Google looks at just more than the IP of the server of your websites(domain registration info, incoming links, value of site from incoming links, many on page factors, etc). There are much more important aspects of trying to please Google and other Search Engines than IP's, but if you only get links from one server than you have more problems that you can't solve by your own network of sites.

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