Site Studio like Standalone tool?


I have used Site Studio to design almost all aspects of my website.

I love it. You pick a template, enter some data and you have got yourself a well designed webpage.

So, I thought now that I used the online version of it, maybe I could get Site Studio for Desktop, so I could have more control over the content. but apparently there is no such thing.

So I am wondering if any of guys use any desktop software that comes with templates to help with rapid web-page developement.
Yash said:
I believe PSOFT recently released a stand-alone version of Site Studio

Interesting. I guess psoft knows what consumers are thinking. When I first searching for a stand-alone version of SiteStudio a month ago, they had no plans of releasing it. Now they already have a the 3rd Release-Candidate!!!

Thanks for redirecting me there Yash.