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Discussion in 'Email Support' started by SubSpace, Apr 6, 2007.

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    I use my own mailserver with spamassassin at home. After the mail gets piped through DSPAM at JodoHost I'd like spamassassin to tag it (and adjust it's spam score).

    I'm using this rule in the

    header DSPAM_SPAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /Spam/
    describe DSPAM_SPAM dspam marked spam
    score DSPAM_SPAM 0.0

    (the score is still 0 because I want to get an idea of the reliability first hand before I start deleting mail). It seems the rule isn't being triggered at all though.

    I've restarted spamd. spamassassin --lint --debug gives no errors and mentions loading The rule itself looks ok to me as well, so I'm running out of ideas :(

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