STEPHEN: Ticket system unavailable, need for immediate assistance, chat & phone not getting results


The ticket system removed my reseller support ticket login when I cancelled the (totally ineffective) anti-spam service.

**EDIT** The ticket system is now available, chat did not get the message that it was up; let's see how technical support does in responding, now that a ticket has been submitted.
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Hrm, ineffective anti spam? Interesting first time I've heard that, its been doing really well for us and others using it. It probably made your account 'inactive' which can sometimes lock you out. Send me your email address associated there and I'll check the user if they haven't gotten you back up.

Dont forget helpline@ jh for emergency cases if need to escalate

for my own reference, on anti spam I went from 160+ insane stupid, spams daily to maybe 1 a month that got past the filter. I am not sure how long you had the filter in place but it takes about a week for the mail servers of spammers (they intentionally program to use a long cache NS record and try direct bypass of MX record methods) to clear up and the mail to not bypass the filter. You can tell by looking at headers if it was able to bypass the filtering as it won't have the anti spam signature in headers.
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Techs were aware of the issue and gave me the mail ID on your account, its resolved now, they did not have permissions on their profile to fix it.
Thanks, Stephen.

FWIW, the primary, urgent issue for which I needed to submit a ticket was not resolved 15 hours after reporting it via chat. I could not wait any longer so did a work around by adding the customer's domain to our company account (they just needed DNS service anyway). If not for the workaround, it would have been a real s**t storm here. Thanks for the helpline@ jh reference; I've added it to my contacts.

We had the anti-spam in place for 1 month for a domain with 23 users; they all reported similar spam levels (150+ per day, per user) after implementation. This domain was our trial for the service, so the disappointing results were a big let down for us.
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There surely must have been something wrong there on the anti spam, because it is way better than that, did the users login and set preferences at all?

Found issue with your account, everytime the cron job is running it is making you inactive on the account again due to the cancellation, we're having the billing admin clear out one setting here tonight and it should stop doing that going forward.