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    We are a reseller who are going to change hosts very soon, I'm currently running a trial account with jodo with a view to purchasing a silver reseller account. I'll be posting a few questions over the next few days as I continue testing.

    At the moment we offer hosting using a subdomain from one of our domain names, we use this when a customer doesn't want to register a domain name of their own. Our current IIS6 2003 hosting sets the subdomain hosting as individual accounts with their own log in for ftp etc. They appear as their own virtual server.

    It works differently on jodo with the subdomain created as a folder within the domain root, which is logical but causes an issue with the way we run sub domains.

    Is there a way we can set up user accounts on a subdomain so they can't see each other and have access to their own root for private folders?


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    That's always the case when you register a third level domain for a customer using a Reseller account.

    No matter what the (3rd level) domain is they use, the files will be in a subdirectory of their own home directory. Every domain hosted under the same username is accessible from that home directory, unless of course some of a customer's sites are running on a Windows server and some are running on Linux, these have seperate FTP servers and home directories.
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    Is there a way to set up a special ftp login so that the user can only go to that specific subdomain subdirectory? I want to give people that have subdomains the ability to edit the info in the subdomain.....but not the home domain.

  4. SubSpace

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    On a reseller account? Yes, it's like that by default..
  5. diondog

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    I looked on the control panel for the domain, and went into the ftp aspect...but didn't see where I would set up the ftp passwords? Where would I find that info.

  6. SubSpace

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    The customer picks his own password when he signs up for an account, which can be on his own domain name, or a third level domain name under your hosting companies domain name.
    The procedure is otherwise completely the same.

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