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We are in the process of sending out emails to all shared, reseller, and VPS customers about our ticket desk changes set for this weekend. Below is a copy of the mail. We will be posting screenshots tomorrow of the user creation and ticket creation process here, as an additional help.

Dear Customer,

We're making some changes to our support platform to unify and make it all more streamlined. This means we will be moving away from the outdated Cerberus platform currently in use for your hosting support, along with this the Live Chat system will be moved to a new platform that is integrated with the new helpdesk. This weekend we will be moving the ticket portion of the helpdesk, next weekend we will finalize the move by changing to the Live Chat that is integrated with the ticket desk.

There are no major steps you will need to take in the support desk switch, however you will need to create a login upon the first usage. We are no longer attempting to use the Hsphere login as your support system login. This was the cause of a number of problems over the years and we are moving to fully relieve those issues with the shift to a unified helpdesk.

You will still be able to submit tickets by email. We do highly encourage you to create an account in the helpdesk to better manage your ticket history. The current helpdesk will be accessible in read only mode for at least a month so that you can still login there and view old tickets, but you will no longer be able to update them or create new tickets.

New email addresses for ticket by mail will be simplified to be as follows:

support @ JH is to be for all clients on shared Hsphere Hosting plans

resellersupport @ JH is to be used by all resellers.

support /@/ for Virtual Private Server users

(email addresses listed here edited for anti-spam purposes)

There will no longer be a requirement for the other special addresses, and these memorable addresses will be all that are needed.

There will no longer be a requirement for the other special addresses, and these two memorable addresses will be all that is needed.

We will be making these changes this weekend, on Saturday Night/Sunday morning early CDT (UTC-5), there will be an overall maintenance window of 12 hours on the ticket desk from 9pm CDT to 9am CDT. We don't expect the transition to take this long, but want to be sure that the email addresses and ticket routing is working properly for all. We've tested this out and are using the helpdesk already for clients of Plesk and some Virtual Servers, but now are merging all other support into the system. The Live chat will not transition while the ticket desk changes are happening. It will be completed next weekend. This will ensure we have the live chat support available during the ticket desk swap. So this weekend if you have any need to create a ticket and it seems to be lost, you will be able to open a live chat for assistance.

The support interface will move to for all clients after this transition, no more special URLs per cluster and shared/reseller with different access points.

We look forward to serving you better with the new ticket and live chat arrangement, and thank you for your patience as we make the move this weekend and next.

This announcement and updates and screenshots can be found here:


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We are having a few people to create an account and start using it already. This is fine but I want to say that at this moment, and until it is live, you won't get an email notice of it being replied. Once it is completely set, you will get an email notice that the ticket is responded. So if you make a user and create tickets now, please be sure to check back into the ticket status manually.

We'll be posting some screenshots here a bit later today.
I've attached a PDF file here that has screenshots for how to register and create if you need a bit of help in the process.


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Notice: You need to register with the new system and your email address before it will accept tickets by email.
Just a quick note on the live chat: We were completely unhappy with the way the chosen and integrated chat client was working on the technical side, it was not going to work well for a replacement. So we've delayed the live chat move while the new helpdesk is otherwise running perfectly fine. We are evaluating alternatives now.