Thats it Yash, how do you do it?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by jag5311, May 20, 2004.

  1. jag5311

    jag5311 Perch

    Ok, I am done messing around, how does Jodohost offer great support, live chat, all the possible features you could possibly want (for shared support anyways), and still offer 400 mb for space and 10 gb bandwidth for 13 bucks a month? I know you saw my post at Sitepoint and I was seriously still looking around at others, even Gearhost (though a search on sitepoint killed that pretty quickly), but its like I have had a good experience with my site, I have been testing movable type on it for the last 3 weeks. Aside from a few hiccups, like your Win 5 failure and some minor downtimes, I have been very happy here and all my service requests usually get a response in no more then 2 hours.

    How do you do it? How are you a leg up on everyone?

    I realize I am speaking most of this as a shared account, because I can't afford a dedicated right now.

    Looks like I will be moving toward Jodohost for my new site,
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I can only see our services getting better for our customers and resellers in the months ahead

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