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Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by snooper, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. snooper

    snooper Perch

    hey there

    i wouldnt usually post this here, but i think sales has not understood my situation & questions properly.

    I have a Valuehost package, which is almost full (disk space wise)
    i have 41 accounts (30 included in the package) and 12 IPs (5 included) - for which i pay extra.

    i noted that the value packages are now bigger than my current one (8.5GB instead of 8 ).
    so i could possibly upgrade to that, but then i would lose on other ends - because the IP amount is much less (2 instead of 5), and the overage charges for it are high ($2.5/month/unit)

    anyway - so i started looking into upgrading to the Silver - to get much more space, but the issue here is that i would still only get 2 IPs, so i would land up paying $70 per month and an extra $25 per month for the extra IPs i need - which is $95 - quite a lot.

    so it seems that it might be worth my while to open a 2nd (new) valuehost package - just pay the extra $35 for it, and still get an extra 2 IPs for further use - which would be about $80/m.

    do you see what i mean? i would land up getting much more out of it than a simple upgrade.
    but in many ways its best to manage just one account - so What can you folks at Jodo say about the situation?

  2. Gurmeet

    Gurmeet Guest

    I think Dipesh has tried explaining you enough in his last reply.

    However, let me explain the things to you. You are currently using our Old Reseller packages mentioned at http://www.jodohost.com/sept08/reseller.asp According to this in SliverHost package you are getting :-

    • 10 Free Dedicated ip
      60 user account
      16 Gb Disk Space
      240 GB Monthly Transfer

    if you decide to upgrade the current account, you will be paying additional resources prices as mentioned on the following http://www.jodohost.com/sept08/reseller.asp

    But you need more Disk Space and Monthly Transfer and want to upgrade to New SliverHost packages mentioned at www.jodohost.com/reseller.asp , you will be getting only 2 dedicated ip free and each additional resources will be charged according to the new additional resources charges mentioned at www.jodohost.com/reseller.asp

    If you want to upgrade according to Old Reseller packages, you can upgrade from your hosting cp itself; but if you want New Reseller packages, then you need to send an email at [email protected] we will do as per your email.
  3. snooper

    snooper Perch

    yes, i understand now, thank you!

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