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    Uploading photos with asp.net

    Language is VB

    In the .aspx page add the following which allows users to browse to their photo

    <INPUT id="fileInput" type="file" size="50" name="fileInput" runat="server">

    At the top of your .aspx.vb file you will need the following

    Imports System.Drawing
    Imports System.Drawing.Imaging
    Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D

    Now a subroutine for uploading the photo

    Private Sub UploadPhoto()

    Dim FileName As String
    Dim Msg As String
    Dim disc_FileName As String

    With fileInput
    If .PostedFile.FileName = "" Then
    lblFileName.Text = "Please browse to a photo."
    Exit Sub
    End If

    If .PostedFile.ContentLength < 100 Then
    lblFileName.Text = "UPLOAD FAILURE 1. - photo too small!"
    Exit Sub
    End If

    If .PostedFile.ContentLength > 204800 Then
    lblFileName.Text = "UPLOAD FAILURE 2. - size must not exceed 200k"
    Exit Sub
    End If

    If Right(LCase(.PostedFile.FileName), 3) <> "jpg" Then ' ///////////note you can change this to "gif"
    lblFileName.Text = "UPLOAD FAILURE 3. - you may only upload .jpg photo images, max size 200k"
    Exit Sub
    End If

    FileName = "Photo" & ".jpg" '////// or gif
    FileName = viewstate("MemberID") & "_" & FileName '///////////// the members ID is stored in Viewstate rather than a session variable.

    disc_FileName = Server.MapPath(".\photos\temp\") & LCase(FileName) ' ///////////the directories must of course exist on the server!

    End With

    '////Now scale the photo

    Dim jPeg As Bitmap = New Bitmap(disc_FileName)
    Dim L As Integer = CInt(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("TNWidth"))
    Dim M As Integer = CInt(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("MainWidth"))

    'The above come from web.config in the <appSettings> section

    ' <add key="TNWidth" value="100"/>
    ' <add key="MainWidth" value="400"/>

    'The values are in pixels, so I want my main photo to be 400px wide and scaled in height accordingly. The thumb nail is to be 100px wide

    Dim sScale As Double = 0
    Dim sScale2 As Double = 0
    Dim M2 As Integer = M / 2
    Dim L2 As Integer = L / 2

    With jPeg
    If (.Height < .Width) Then
    sScale = L / .Width
    sScale2 = M / .Width
    sScale = L2 / .Height
    sScale2 = M2 / .Height
    End If
    End With

    Dim NewWidth As Integer = CInt(sScale * jPeg.Width)
    Dim NewHeight As Integer = CInt(sScale * jPeg.Height)
    Dim NewWidth2 As Integer = CInt(sScale2 * jPeg.Width)
    Dim NewHeight2 As Integer = CInt(sScale2 * jPeg.Height)

    Dim OBM As Bitmap = New Bitmap(jPeg, NewWidth, NewHeight)
    Dim OBM2 As Bitmap = New Bitmap(jPeg, NewWidth2, NewHeight2)

    OBM.Save(Server.MapPath(".\photos\TN\") & LCase(FileName), ImageFormat.Jpeg)
    OBM2.Save(Server.MapPath(".\photos\") & LCase(FileName), ImageFormat.Jpeg)

    Dim db_FileName As String
    Dim db_Thumb As String
    Dim bR As Boolean

    db_FileName = "http://www.mydomain.com/photos/" & FileName
    db_Thumb = "http:///www.mydomain.com/photos/TN/" & FileName

    bR = UploadPhotosToDB(CInt(viewstate("MemberID")), db_FileName, db_Thumb) ' a function which adds the members id and names of the uploaded photos to a database

    If bR Then
    lblFileName.Text = "Upload OK"
    End If

    'delete tmp photo
    Dim objFSO
    objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    disc_FileName = Server.MapPath(".\photos\temp\") & LCase(FileName)

    objFSO.DeleteFile(disc_FileName, False)
    objFSO = Nothing
    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try

    End Sub

    Antic provided this very good link for more about imaging


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