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Discussion in 'General Advertisements' started by syedfarooq75, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. syedfarooq75

    syedfarooq75 Guest

    Over 100 tractors in stock on . Find the finest tractors in our stores. Reliable quality assurance.
  2. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    yes!!! now i can finally get my dream tractor!!! :p
  3. Jussin

    Jussin Guppy

    I wonder how much the shipping charges would be from the netherlands for a tractor? hmmmmm.....
  4. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    more than the tractor :D
  5. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    What are you talking about, haven't you ever heard of UPS Tractor Ferry shipping services?! I hear they ship tractors daily for less than postal mail!
  6. doctorallia

    doctorallia Perch

    FedEx Teleport!!!
  7. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    Maybe we should hold a poll.. how many farmers are reading this forum? :)
  8. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    Imagine how many stamps you would have to put on the side of a tractor...
  9. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    haha, or we can use the FedEx Teleport or UPS Tractor Ferry shipping services
  10. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Sorry, but I am waiting until the USD value goes up before buying tractors in Euros!

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