Vanilla Forums (php) running on Windows IIS

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by pixuk, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. pixuk

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    I thought I'd check other users' experience of this before going to a support ticket, partly because I'm not actually sure of what I should be asking, specifically.

    I am currently a Classic ASP programmer, but realise that language isn't going anywhere, so planning to move over to php, as it seems reasonably familiar (a bit of cross between ASP and Javascript, if you will).

    My first hands-on experience of php has been to install Vanilla, a reasonably web 2.0-style forum package, which prides itself on pretty slick code compared to the bloatware alternatives.

    Installing doesn't appear to be an issue, but I'm experiencing a really odd problem in that links will load very quickly, then slow down for no reason (even timeout), and being very new to php and MySQL, I'm not sure to even begin where to look for bottlenecks.

    It is a "vanilla" install of Vanilla, so no extra extensions have been added, and the MySQL database is a freshly-created one. I configured the database connection in Vanilla with the IP address of the MySQL server so as to eliminate any domain name lookup delays and php is set to version 5.2.5 in H-Sphere.

    - Are there, possibly, known problems running php code on IIS? Would this problem go away if I was on a Unix server running Apache?
    - Will my other sites, all on the same shared server running ASP code (but connecting to MS SQL databases) be effecting the performance of the php/MySQL setup
    - Do I need to run some kind of optimisation on the MySQL tables. Should I need to create indexes on them?
    - Has anyone else installed Vanilla on a shared IIS server and either managed to get it working fine, or run into the same problems I'm seeing?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

  2. liming

    liming Perch

    I won't be of much help to you for the other two questions but for this,

    I did have problems with it. I also had the random slowdowns. In addition, whenever I tried to delete threads & posts it usually would not work. But then sometimes, it would. It was a very strange behavior and I was never able to find out the cause of it.

    (I only tested it out for 1 week and this was almost 2 years take that for what it's worth)

    And I don't think it's a php issue because Wordpress (and some other php apps) seem to work fine on IIS for me.

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