Very Important - Read Before Posting

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To use this forum, you must enter your hosting username into your Forum Profile. Do this by:

1) Clicking on "User CP" from the above navigation bar
2) Clicking on "Profile"
3) Scrolling down to "Hosting Username" field and entering your correct HSphere username

This field is kept private from everyone but the JodoHost staff. Unless you do this, we won't be able to help you.

Additionally, this forum is a public forum. If you ask a question that requires us access your account, we may need to know additional information from you such as usernames, passwords, websites, etc. If you do not wish to publicly divulge such information, you are requested to email [email protected] with the requested information, along with a copy of the URL of your thread. We will get back to you on that same thread after receiving your email (unless you request communication hence be private in that email)

If you have a question that you feel you'd like to keep private, you are requested to directly email [email protected] instead.
Not open for further replies.