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  1. vita10

    vita10 Perch

    I have issues with a DB on VZ-SQL1 (after hardware crash and migration to new hardware in September) throughput is down by about 20% and random record access is very slow some times..
    I get a many timeut exceptions... Timeouts are very sporadic. I get a time out next minute its all fine.

    before you ask there was no change to DB or major data growth...

    Can anyone confirm my observation? (Please nobody from Jodo cause I know what you gonna answer...)

    I can not imagine that I am the only one though who noticed a performance decrease.

    Neighbors on VZ-SQL1.
    Any comments?

    Am I doing some thing wrong or am i Just loosing the plot? (due to timeout exceptions)
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    There are only a couple users on the server, and I don't think any post here often, just to let you know.

    you can see that only a few there.

    Tonight, a nearby IP (not in our network, but one on allowed list from previous datacenter, which we don't use anymore after migration) was doing brute force scans and it was blocked by Ashwani.

    And just one minor thing, no hardware change. Same hardware, just OS redeployed. It was OS booting loop issue.

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