Web 4 or MySQL10 causing 503 errors

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by BluJag, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    I've raised a 2nd ticket but no response (1st ticket didn't improve things):

    Joomla and Wordpress sites on Web 4 (running MySQL10.myhspere etc) are not responding for 80% of the time, instead giving a 503 error.

    Any chance someone from tech support could have a look at this? (I suspect its the MySQL server)

  2. abhishek

    abhishek Administrator Staff Member

    We have replied your ticket.Please check and update us on the ticket for further assistance.
  3. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    All sites except one now much better. Remaining site not working at all now. I've raised a ticket

    Ticket ID: DFO-53930-666

    The site is on Web 4 using MySQL 10

    It's a brand new fresh install of the latest Wordpress and it was working at first, all be it slowly.

  4. Akash Sharma

    Akash Sharma Guppy

    Website is fine now.We have replied your ticket.Please check support ticket and reply to it if need any further assistance.
  5. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Well done Akash, site now working again. Are you able to say what caused the snag - might help in the future?

  6. Akash Sharma

    Akash Sharma Guppy

    We have replied the same on support ticket.If have any query then please reply to ticket.

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