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    This is odd. I haven't looked at my "webalizer" stats on my site for a while, and tonight I decided to take a look. The first thing I noticed was a big drop in "Pages" and "Visits" to my site in March, while the "Files" and "Hits" were roughly the same as in February:


    I mean, over the past year I was averaging about 1000 visits per day, then it suddenly dropped to 166 per day! And here is the really weird part: this happened over just a two-day period at the end of February:


    You can see that the Visits were a rock-solid line until February 27 and 28, when they plunge, and they stayed there -- But the "Sites", "Pages" and "Hits" values are about the same as they were before.

    My question is this: Did the Webalizer change the way it counts visits at that point, or is something else happening? I've looked at my detailed statistics and the percentages of people in various countries has remained the same and I'm not seeing anything that looks particularly suspect. I'm just wondering if there is a reason this happened.
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    Please open a support ticket or send us email so that we can check it.

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